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Make Me Rich was set up by, and is run by Catherine Brennan BA HDip FCCA ICSA. Catherine graduated from UCG in 1994 with a BA and HDip. She then went on to complete the accounting exams for ACCA and followed that by completing the ICSA exams. She has been self-employed since age 28 and has also lectured accountancy to degree level students at Portobello College Dublin. She has worked for over 10 years as accountant / financial controller / commercial manager in both multinational and SME organizations.

Prior to setting up Make Me Rich Ltd, Catherine owned and ran an accounting services company called FC on Call which specialized in minimising money spent on doing accounts, maximised profits and death with all kinds of trouble shooting. Catherine sold this business in 2006 to focus on property investing and Make Me Rich Ltd. You can contact Catherine if you need any help in accounts / auditing or if you would like to get a second price. Catherine also holds an extensive property portfolio.

Catherine has spent years maximizing profitability within companies and providing financial and investment advice to company owners. She decided to set up Make Me Rich Ltd so that this advice could be offered to a broader spectrum of people. Investment advice and sound financial planning can help anyone, be they: business owner, self-employed or a PAYE individual. We all need to plan for the future and work at maximizing wealth. Why dream of a different life, when with a little work and some careful financial planning you can live that life.

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  • RR, Dublin

    May 2009

    We have been dealing with Catherine now for 12 years initially via her previous company FC On Call Ltd and now through Make Me Rich Ltd and have always found her extermely reliable and trustworthy and very thorough with any work she has undertaken for us...

  • MC/RC, Kildare

    March 2011

    I met Catherine from Make Me Rich initially over 4 years ago but was waiting for some other bond investments to mature at the time so did not get to the stage of planning investments and introducing her to my wife and getting our own retirement plan going until summer 2010...

  • KM, Meath

    Sept 2010

    We were already experienced investors ourselves and maintain a few places abroad before we met with Make Me Rich Ltd. However we wanted to expand our portfolio and focus more on creating a passive income than on capital gains as my wife planned...

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  • Barbados continues to appreciate despite the economic downturn

    Property prices in Barbados are appreciating at between 10 – 15% per year at the middle of the market and often higher at the luxury end, even during these harder economic times.

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