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We work with people who want to achieve financial freedom with a good passive income to establish where they currently are on the path to financial freedom and how they can achieve that freedom in the shortest time possible. Without any of the jargon, we create an income through property for you that means you can lie in bed, play golf or shop and still make money. Most people use our service as a strategy to retire early or cut their working hours dramatically or live abroad for half of each year.

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Knowledge Base

How to Buy A Home Or Investment-Experienced Investors

The basics are covered in the document called "How To Buy A Home Or Investment-First Time Buyer" so here we will focus on why an experienced investor would choose our products. Currently we only deal with two developers, we used to deal with about twenty but in the current times we have had to be very strict with the criteria we look at to ensure your investment is safe. When we done a close scrutiny of what we wanted only two developers so far are providing that product.

Here are some of the main features of the developers we deal with.

  • No loans on land so interest payments will not cripple them and the banks are not in control of the developments
  • Property up to 50% below market value so you get substantial instant equity. There is also scheduled price increases so you get to see your investment grow.
  • All resorts are five-star with rental guarantees in place with established hotel chains. This is very important as new operators do not get the same kind of occupancy as established hoteliers. It is also important as this end of the market suffers far less in a recession.
  • Location wise we have two really top class resorts in Europe, one in Greek islands and one in France but six in the Caribbean where you can access the American and Canadian markets. The Caribbean attracts huge wealth and this has a knock on effect on you with both re-sales and room rates. Read more


  • RR, Dublin

    May 2009

    We have been dealing with Catherine now for 12 years initially via her previous company FC On Call Ltd and now through Make Me Rich Ltd and have always found her extermely reliable and trustworthy and very thorough with any work she has undertaken for us...

  • MC/RC, Kildare

    March 2011

    I met Catherine from Make Me Rich initially over 4 years ago but was waiting for some other bond investments to mature at the time so did not get to the stage of planning investments and introducing her to my wife and getting our own retirement plan going until summer 2010...

  • KM, Meath

    Sept 2010

    We were already experienced investors ourselves and maintain a few places abroad before we met with Make Me Rich Ltd. However we wanted to expand our portfolio and focus more on creating a passive income than on capital gains as my wife planned...

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